Collaboration with Indians for Collective Action

By June 19, 2019blogs

Indians for Collective Action (ICA) a San Francisco Bay Area ICA is a volunteer-run nonprofit group, believes that all humans are entitled to a secure life in a sustainable environment and in a just society.

Since its inception in 1968, ICA has funded charities in India that do not have the ability to raise funds by themselves in the US. ICA has nurtured social activists, dedicated social workers, launched numerous initiatives including Asha for Education and Foundation for Excellence, and supported innovative community-led development projects in over 20 Indian states and disbursed millions of dollars over the past five decades.

ICA supports initiatives which:

  • Are focused on poverty alleviation
  • Uphold a non-sectarian and non-political agenda
  • Support rural communities and projects with least access to resources
  • Emphasize women and children’s issues
  • Are innovative, sustainable, scalable and replicable

ICA is looking for volunteers in the key areas such as:

  • Fund Raising
  • Outreach to the Bay Area Community
  • Web Site maintenance
  • Building Alliances with other non-profits

As ICA partners, we welcome you to explore how we can work together to help the disadvantaged. Visit our website and learn how you can volunteer.