45,000+     Teachers and Teacher Educator benefited through our “Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan – Online Course” in 3 states.

100,000+ Support for Parents and Students at home.


We have been following lockdown norms and working from our respective homes in order to ensure the safety of our team members and others. We have been following a protocol of regular interactions among various units and across central and state teams and weekly interactions with all staff members. Apart from regular work-related conversations, consultative conversations have been conducted with the entire LLF team along with participation of Trustees, in order to come up with effective strategies. Here are the core understandings that emerged from our conversations-

  • Uncertainty is the key factor now. We have to plan for several scenarios, especially with respect to likely delays/reductions in funding
  • We have adopted cost-saving methods wherever possible, without compromising on the quality of our programs.
  • We are using this period to develop strong online training options for teachers and academic support personnel, as well as for reaching out to parents for supporting children’s learning at home
  • We’re also looking inwards and focusing on internal capacity building



So far, we have been able to accomplish the following amidst the rapidly changing scenario:

  • Initiated an online course for teachers at short notice in Chhattisgarh, which will soon be scaled up to 20,000 teachers in full collaboration with the state government of Chhattisgarh. This will be the largest and quickest Covid19 response in the education sector in India.  The Haryana and Rajasthan teams are also doing their best to implement online programs.
  • In the likelihood of an extended period of lockdown, we are striving to support parents in facilitating their children’s learning at home by sharing approrpiate teaching-learning material.
  • While the central teams are busy in developing online courses and resource materials for short-term responses, the field teams are busy in maintaining coordination with teachers, government field functionaries (CRCs/BRPs/ABRCCs/BEO/DEEO) effectively.
  • We are constantly engaging with our donors to keep them updated on our responses to the situation. It is quite heartening to note that one of the donors, who had postponed their support, got back to their Board on our request and approved an interim grant for the next 3 months. 



Following the short-term response, we plan to devise a medium-term strategy to mitigate the ill effects of the pandemic on our children’s learning. We are in touch with Central Square Foundation and a few other organizations to brainstorm about the future which is likely to be more difficult than the current year in terms of resource crunch. We would like to get your inputs for this medium-term response to the Covid crisis. We will also appreciate if you could point out any opportunity for funding that we could access at this stage.


Please write to us at info@languageandlearningfoundation.org.in

Wish you the best of health and safety!