2016 Participants’ Profile

The “Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan” certificate course 2016 has been successfully implemented with 102 participants from 5 states. The participants who have completed this course have reported high level of satisfaction with the course content, delivery and its usefulness to improve teaching-learning. Here is the participant profile and participation rate across the course components

2016 Testimonials

Here is what the course participants have to say about “Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan” course…

“This course has been constructed in such a manner that participant whosoever it is can understand on its own, the course has elements like self-reading materials, a forum to discuss about issues they face, Audio visual elements that enable understanding, there are assignments and school based project that are also given as part of the course. The course has theoretical and practical inputs.”
Ms. Pramila Manoharan
Education Specialist, UNICEF-Bihar

“We got several new information from this course. Appropriate assessment and feedback gave us an opportunity to expand our understanding. Discussion Forum, Calls, Project work, Self-reading and selfassessment at end of the module kept us busy. I felt that behind all of this there is an effective management thorough research, use of technology and complete dedication of the team. I really thank them for this.”
Mr. Akhileshwar Prasad Gupta
Assistant Teacher, Uttar Pradesh

2016 Stories of Change

Mohd. Arshad Raza

“Before enrolling for the “Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan” course, I was under the impression that children attain language proficiency before they enter school system. The only thing left then is to teach them decoding (reading and writing). But this course broke these assumptions. This course has not only raised issues of children’s language and literacy development in early grades but also provided strategies to overcome based on sound principles and research. It is, in its truest sense, a successful attempt to bridge the classroom with the principles of language and literacy. Whatever I have learned, I am confident that I will be able to apply them in my teaching-learning processes and, also, create spaces for discussion in teacher training programmes.”

2016 “Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan” Course Graduate


“While discussing with teachers about ensuring quality education in schools, they usually raise different issues. One of the greatest issues is Management of Multi-Level Teaching (Differentiated Teaching). I interacted with many people and education functionaries and referred many course materials regarding the management of Multi-level or Differentiated Teaching but was never satisfied. Module-8 of the course satisfied my inquisitiveness in this regard. From this module, I came to know when Differentiated Teaching is suitable and how it can be facilitated. I also knew from the module that continuous assessment of students is quite essential for facilitation of Differentiated Teaching class. It also taught me what sort of questions should be formed for different level of students. I am now capable enough to give spot guidance and impart training to the teachers for effective management of multi-level classes.”

Early Language and Literacy Course, 2016 batch Participant, Odisha