Current Projects

Early Learning Project


The need for understanding the early literacy and numeracy scenario in India has increased over the last few years. Recently, a position paper on “Early Language and Literacy in India” was conceptualized under the aegis of CECED, USAID, and CARE India to enable policy makers make informed decisions on early literacy in India. Taking the need to make informed decisions further, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development and UNICEF has given mandate for a creating a resource hub and a recommendation report that considers current early literacy and numeracy resources and practices available in India.


1) Create a systematic set of annotated and categorized resources in early language and literacy, and numeracy

2) Identify the gap areas with respect to resources and materials for early language and literacy, and numeracy


Creating an ideal framework for literacy instruction and
listing of materials required based on field visits,
secondary research and consultation

Identifying gaps based on thorough analysis of the
framework and material available

Creating a list of recommendations to make a complete
Early Literacy Package

Rajasthan MLE Project


Ma-Badi centres (MBCs) have been set up by Tribal Area Development (TAD) department of Government of Rajasthan to bring the tribal children inhabiting in the remote areas into the fold of mainstream education. Most of these children at MBCs are fluent in their home languages (largely Wagdi) but have very little exposure of Hindi when they enrol at these centres. Thus, these children face a strong disadvantage of learning to read and write in an unfamiliar language i.e. Hindi.


1) Understand the language and literacy scenario at the MBCs

2) Develop a strong language and literacy approach which includes children’s home or first language in early grade classrooms


Initial Program Design

Develop program design including story books, instructional material, teacher guide book in children’s home language and Hindi based on preliminary situational analysis

Field Trial

Implement the program design in 30 Ma-Badi centres spread across three districts of southern

Comprehensive Program Design

Document the project processes and practices and provide a comprehensive program design and resources to TAD and SIERT, Rajasthan for further work